Here There Be Monsters

Journey into the Sunless Citadel

4th of Alturiak, 1373

The group approaches the entrance to the Wing-Ripper quarter to find a mountainous and well dressed Orc named Drakar speaking with the gate watchmen. Blanca introduces herself and the group and tells Drakar of the news from the Warchief’s son. Drakar brings Blanca, Zeljka, and Reeza to the elderly Warchief Durgul Wing-Ripper. Blanca recounts the story again. Durgul is appreciative but insists he must confirm the story before he can treat the group as if they had done what they had claimed they did. Hearing the group must find a way into Kurg Blood-Hand, Durgul asks if the group would do a mission for the Wing-Rippers in exchange for access to the ruler of Urglin.

The mission is to travel to the Sunless Citadel and recover a white “apple” from the Durbuluk Clan of Goblins. Durgul hopes this can be done with as little fuss as possible, but he insists the fruit be acquired quickly. Blanca also asks if the Wing-Rippers can look into finding information on the group’s various clans and tribes. Terms are agreed upon (extra reward if things go poorly) and the group is on their way.

The group travels 6 days East along the Old Road. They encounter an Ogre (which is burnt to a crisp within 18 seconds of it first attempting to swing it’s club) and a group of animated bushes along the way. They find the Sunless Citadel and begin to explore it’s depths.

The game concludes with the group meeting a Kobold named Meepo.

Game Note: Group leveled up at the beginning of this game (Christmas Level).



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