Here There Be Monsters

Our Story Begins

13th of Hammer, 1373
Our story begins in a cave where a group of Orc and Goblin survivors sought refuge from a Human incursion and particularly wicked blizzards. The weather has cleared temporarily. With no food left the group is forced to venture out to find new food and shelter before the harsh weather returns.

The group comes down from their cave in the foothills to find a human watchtower. After some hunting in the nearby woods the group returns under the cover of darkness. Blanca is spotted and after some attempts at deception the fight is on. The group overcomes the human militia and rests. They awake the next morning, gut the watchtower of supplies, and decide to take the human bodies to Pug.

After three very quiet days travel the group comes to the home of Pug the Hill Giant. They agree to help Pug with his kobold problem, which they do with ease. Pug is happy and rewards the group with a “pretty elf hat”.

Not wanting to overstay their welcome, the group decides to leave for Ghoul Manor in the morning. It is hoped that more supplies might be purchased there.

Quick Note: This Adventure Log will be updated in a fairly rough and speedy manner. It is not meant to be a piece of fiction but a basic log of the who, what, where, why, when, and how of things.



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