Here There Be Monsters

The Sunless Citadel Finale

Alturiak 17th-20th, 1373

The group rests then plunges back down to finish their mission. Most of the dungeon is abandoned, though they do find some hastily thrown together swinging axe traps that were not there before hand. After a bit of exploration they make their way to Belak’s office. They discover, then Zeljka activates, a fire trap within a tome called “Gifts of the Fire Lords”. They find the twilight grove and after a skirmish with some more twig blights they finally confront the outcast Druid Belak and his Gulthias Tree. The fruit was thankfully still intact on the tree.

After a very difficult battle (a battle in which Thumper spent almost the entire battle running due to a fear spell and one in which Zeljka came perilously close to death) the group defeats the mad druid and the Tree’s supplicants (the woody humanoids). After the battle they rest for a few days, doing repairs on equipment and healing up, then they move out to explore the remainder of the dungeon. The remaining goblins have fled. They discover a Thoqua den and kill it. They come across the goblins store room and discover the delicacy “elf pudding”. They also discover Calcryx the wyrmling white dragon who almost kills Meepo in its rage. The dragon escapes after realizing it was severely outmatched.

The group rests again and climbs out to return to Urglin. Just outside the dungeon they discover a rolled up piece of leather. It is a letter from Erky Timbers thanking the group for what they have done, it goes on to say he’s misjudged their kind and will always remember this experience in the future. Session ends just as the group sets out for Urglin.

A level was gained near the end of this session.



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