Here There Be Monsters

The Sunless Citadel Part 2

Alturiak 13th – 16th, 1373

Group finishes exploring, looting, and exterminating in the Kobold area. They find a special key which emanates as slightly magical in the mouth of a carved dragon head. After much smashing the key is acquired. The extermination includes all Kobolds (women, children, and eggs) as well as 4 Goblin prisoners. The group rests and Reeza is hit with filth fever. The group rests an extra day and raises Guthash the dire rat as a zombie with Azan-gund, The Night Caller.

The group returns to the mysterious dragon carved door from early on in the dungeon and use the key. They set off a sonic trap causing most of them to flee straight into the pit trap from the initial courtyard. They discover a room with a large dragon statue. The statue speaks a riddle which the party figures out quickly, the answer opens a secret door. Within are marble statues of elves in plate armor, the tracks of a Quasit are seen. Thumper is pushed into a pit of spikes by a Quasit named Jot. Blanca grabs the demon and stuffs it into a sack. They discover the Quasit wanted to be defeated, he accepts defeat and the group releases the creature. It flies away.

Thumper and Reeza open the sarcophagi of “The Dragon Priest” to discover a strange slim Troll spewing elven. The group defeats the Troll, on dieing it turns into a desiccated elf then turns to dust. Evidently the Dragon Priest was someone who was subjected to a horrible punishment by the cultists who once inhabited in this fortress.

The group rests once again.

Note: The group leveled up at the conclusion of this game.



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