Here There Be Monsters

The Sunless Citadel Part 3

Alturiak 16th, 1373

The group enters the Goblin controlled area of the dungeon to discover some of the goblins have plant characteristics (woody skin, thorns, etc), these are intermixed with the regular goblin population. The Durbulek goblins have orders to kill any non-clansmen to approach. The group fights their way (including a 3 goblin grapple across Blanca’s body) to Chief Durnn (who is a “woody” hobgoblin). Group wipes out the Cheiftain and his guards. They descend into the next level of the Sunless Citadel, they kill a few Twig Blights then encounter a bugbear ranger named Balsag the Hunter. After a short conversation Thumper attacks, Balsag retreats and collapses the tunnel behind him. The group finds Belak’s laboratory (which includes a dire rat subjected to some plant disease) as well as the goblin distillery, the goblins here surrender immediately. They make their way into the gardens (which seem to be growing under the power of violet phosphorescent fungus) and meet George the hobgoblin gardener. They encounter some goblins and kill the goblins along with George. Thumper gets into some trouble with a Thoquaa (during this encounter Reeza picks his pocket), they eventually defeat the elemental. Group finds their way into a great shrine to a red dragon. Zeljka and Thumper force Beezilix to accept the shrine’s blessing (by pushing him onto a magic circle and speaking the draconic activation words). Unfortunately this also alerted the two Shadows which were behind the statue of the red dragon. The group defeated the undead menace, with some significant drain to Thumper, and retreat back to Chief Durnn’s throne room to recuperate and rest the night.

Along the way the group learned that the “woody” goblins serve something they call “the master” or “the tree”. These goblins seem to retain their memories and possibly personality but they are utterly loyal to their master. These goblins have quite obviously become plant creatures.



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