Here There Be Monsters

The trip to Ghoul Manor

19th of Hammer, 1373
The group awakens to find their oracle seeing through space and time (with the help of a pattern found in Mrs Chitter’s web). Zeljka is left with a feeling of exhilaration and a vision of city walls being torn down.

After having a slightly uneasy conversation with Pug the night before the group decides to set out for Ghoul Manor in hopes of trade and maybe some employment. A day out from Pug’s cave they are almost ambushed by a group of Orcs from the Wing-Ripper tribe. Once the Orcs realized there were some holy people of their own kind among the group they call off the attack and ask for help for an injured warrior. The group helps and gains the goodwill of the Wing-Ripper tribe of Urglin (or at the very least the goodwill of Grool and Varg.) The group makes camp with the Orcs.

The next morning they set out and are soon attacked by a rabid boar (probably the same one that attacked Varg.) They dispatch the creature, though they almost lose Snowflake in the melee. After a few more quiet days travel the group stumbles upon a Kobold ambush. Beezilix and Mrs Chitter are almost ended by the rolling boulders trap, but the group kills the remaining Kobolds with relative ease. That night they are attacked by 4 skeletons, these too are easily dispatched.

The next day the group makes it to Ghoul Manor. They meet with the Necromancer Raven and conduct some trade. Raven also offers the group a job, taking a letter to Kurg Blood-Hand (the warchief in control of Urglin) to offer some sort of arrangement (non-hostility, alliance, or at least a meeting at a neutral location). The group agrees to be Raven’s emissaries.

Raven takes a liking to the group, particularly Zeljka Bone-Splitter, and is obviously very impressed by the level of intelligence displayed.

We leave our heroes on the evening of the 24th of Hammer, 1373.



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