Here There Be Monsters

To the big city

25th of Hammer, 1373

The group awakens in Ghoul Manor to find that Mrs Chitter has disappeared during the night. They track her down to find her fending off a spider much larger than herself. The group kills the spider and discovers that Mrs Chitter was standing on (and seemingly defending) a strange waymarker, obviously ancient and magical (as it gave off heat). Larger spider’s lair is found nearby where a swarm of offspring spiders forced the group to retreat. The group sets off to Urglin to accomplish the task they had been given by Raven.

The trip to Urglin is cold and blizzard plagued. Along the way the group encounters: another rabid animal, a large force of dwarves looking to settle, and Swiftpaw and her pack of Worgs. The group finds out from Swiftpaw that a defiler-Druid is suspected to be behind the rash of rabies in the area. Swiftpaw is out to crunch this Druid’s skull.

The group arrives at Urglin to discover that meeting with it’s ruler, Kurg Blood-Hand, will not be as easy as they assumed. The group stays at “The Black Keg” (where Reeza tries to hump anything that moves). The group does some shopping in the Goblin Ghetto and talks to Guff Hammer for some advice on getting into Kurg. The adventure was concluded with the group deciding to talk to the Wing-Ripper Tribe to try and leverage their aid of the son of the Wing-Ripper warchief (see previous adventure log entry).



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