Raim McGrath

The mayor of Westwend


“Roarin” Raim McGrath is the tyrannical mayor of Westwend. Before he was “reformed” Raim was a common thug and was in and out of prison regularly. Eventually he joined the city watch of Luskan where his brutish behavior earned him a rapid promotion to Sergeant. Two years ago the mining companies of Luskan decided to settle an area to the North-East, the town of Westwend. They needed a mayor who could handle the frontier, McGrath was their man.

He is known to be wholly in the pocket of the business interests of Luskan. He keeps the ore coming and they keep him well funded and his barracks full. He deals with all problems directly, through bullying and force of arms, ruling Westwend as his own private dictatorship. In his small corner of the world Human, Orc, and Goblin alike fear his wrath.

Raim McGrath

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