Thumper of the Firetosser Clan

Goblin Alchemist


Thumper was born in to a large litter. He was 8 of 9 brothers and sister goblins. He was a strong Goblin and very agile for even goblin standards. His ninth brother Beezil was born shivered and weak. Thumper protected his brother from the other goblins for weakness was not tolerated in goblin society the weak where beaten and eaten by others, It may sound cruel but that was life as goblins
Thumper never bonded with his other brothers and sisters as he bonded with his brother Beezil maybe it was because of the smarts they had. Life was hard for Thumper but always harder for his little brother but they where family and they would survive.
Then one day Beezil comes up to Thumper and says that a spider told him they must study and create smarts potion to survive the winter, Thumper didn’t ask why spider talked he just went to work studying books and mixing herbs. One day very near winter Thumper mixed some powder and Juba Jude juice and it blew up in his face, burn off all his eye brows and left a large black stain on his face. His brother Beezil was standing next to him they stared at each other for a few seconds and then fell on the ground laughing. Thumper found his calling he started to make bombs 
Beezil was getting beaten more as winter set in, food was getting very scarce and the weaker goblins where disappearing more and more, it was no secret the tribe was eating each other .Rexal the Kobald finger eater and his gang had their eye on their next dinner “Beezil” . They had Beezil conered one day when thumper came running but there was too may of then and Beezil and thumper had to use their smarts if they were going to survive.
Thumper said finger I got a better snack here and threw a dead squire on the ground in front of the gang. Relax grabbed the squire and said” I still will have your brother this are snack .” The bomb in the squire went off ripping into Rexal , as he lay screaming in the snow Thumper and Beezil drank the potion and became invisible to goblin kind.
Thumper and Beezil stood invisible there as Rexal screamed for help as he bleeds in the snow , his little gang just look at him and Then One licked his lips ,then they fell upon him like a rabid pack of wolves. Thumper and Beezil laughed to each other as the tribe rips each other apart, Goblin life was cruel but it was there life and with their smarts they would survive and grow stronger.


A goblin alchemist in fancy gnomish armor. (The armor was formerly property of Pete the Gnome.)

Thumper is the brother of Beezilix of the Firetosser Clan.

Thumper of the Firetosser Clan

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