Kneebiter Clan

Deep in the wrinkled folds known as The Spine of the World, the wolf-riding goblin grund (clan) known as Kneebiter has staked its claim.

75 riders strong, this emerging clan has slowly grown in strength and influence throughout Goblin lands.


Lickspittle Kneebiter: alpha warchief, brother to Gimp the Leg
Knifeback (nee Kreeth): wolf rider, very ambitious senior mate to Lickspittle
Gimp the Leg: nature oracle, ex-slave, brother to Lickspittle
Drinkit: alchemist, mate to Gimp the Leg
Green Slug: wolf shaman, senior wolf trainer, mate to Gimp the Leg
Faceplant: witch, crow familiar, Wisdom patron, mate to Gimp the Leg
Ribber: squib trainer
Fireseed: senior scout/spy

Reeza: of Green Slug

Kneebiter Support

Axegrinder: senior lieutenant to Lickspittle, half-orc barbarian, warg rider, born of the Bloodhand Tribe
Nosepicker: hob-goblin slaver

Kneebiter Clan

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