“The Cave”

Dark Arrow Keep : Home of the famous Orc Warchief Obould Many-Arrows

Ghoul Manor : The home of Raven the necromancer

Lurkwood : Large northern forest

Malfikken : A Goblin city under The Crags

Mantol-Derith : Underdark trade city, considered neutral ground by many evil races

Pug’s Cave : Home of Pug the Hill Giant

Syrgol’s Lair : The lair of the Red Dragon Syrgol and home to the Crackedfang Goblin clan

The Sunless Citadel : A once proud fortress that fell into the earth in ages past

Urglin : An Orc city high in the Spine of the World mountains

Westwend : A recently settled Human town located North-West of Luskan


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