The wisest of our elders speak of the first age of the world. A time when Dragons ruled and we were slaves … or we burned. When Dragons faded, the second age became. Elf and Dwarf sought to spread their seed. They soon learned to fear the taste of our our hot anger and blades. That world too, faded. Now is the third age. The elders call it the age of the Human. Where Elves once sprouted, Humans overrun; where Dwarfs once mined, Humans swarm; and where we once lived and loved, the land is covered by the blight of Humans. They push us to the fringes, to the very edges of the world. But our oracles speak of a fourth age. An age of Orc and Goblin, an age of Ogre and Giant. See the signs! Around us and in us. Can you smell their fear? Are you ready?

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And for those looking for it, here is the Pathfinder SRD.

Here There Be Monsters

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